Anchors for installation of stone elevations

Lauda Metalplast  specializes in the manufacturing of anchoring systems for mounting stone facades. Technology of the installation is dry stone fixing to the building walls with the appropriate anchors, without any binding filler between the stone and the wall. Anchoring elements made of galvanised stainless steel do not erode and are insensitive to weather.

All anchors manufactured by our company have ITB certificate.

Below are types of anchor systems, that are offered by our company.

Catalog is available for download (here)

Classic anchors. KNPZB and KNPNB horizontal and vertical type anchors, apply to concrete structural walls made of ordinary concrete. KNPZB and KNPNB group horizontal and vertical anchors are used for construction brick walls (full brick).

Pipe anchors. KNRUB type horizontal and vertical anchors are applies to concrete structural walls made of regular concrete. KNRUC type horizontal and vertical anchors are used to structural brick wall (full brick with slit).

Adjustable anchors. Adjustable anchors are alternatives to classic and pipe anchors, but there are situations where the use of adjustable anchors is necessary. These anchors we use wherever we can not drill large diameter holes:

  • in the pillars of reinforced concrete
  • if the structural wall has a thickness of less than 15 cm
  • in difficult weather conditions; it can be installed at temperatures below zero degrees
  • where the use of conventional anchors may affect the structure of the structural walls.

Adjustable anchors fitting we make using dry dowels; you can also use the adjustable anchors for fixing stone facade to the existing steel structure, or specially prepared steel structure for facade.

Expansion anchors (dowels). KROZ type anchors are used individually or as a group of anchors, mostly for static loads. The main application is the use of the dowels as a load link of adjustable anchors for concrete bases and anchor nodes as part of the load-bearing facade grills.
Glyph anchors.

Scaffold anchors. KSZK anchor is used in the case of the horizontal joint to the ground (full brick) and the concrete class B-20.
KSZD anchor is used for horizontal joints to concrete Class B-20 and steel structures.


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